Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Little Update

I'm a slacker sometimes when it comes to typing in this thing. Sorry.

So... I forgot to mention that my Dad came out to visit for a short time. He brought a suitcase full of goodies that my parents have been collecting at their house for us. My Mom has been my personal shopper; buying us macaroni and cheese, parmeasan cheese, granola bars, red vines licorice, video games... and I've been a good little online shopper having things sent to her house so my Dad could personally deliver them. Things are just too expensive here! (and I think all the clothes in the stores are what Target couldn't sell in the 80's)

The kids loved seeing Papa! They were SO excited, even little Scotty was bouncing and running all over. : ) When Papa left everyone was a little sad so we made ourselves feel better by feasting on Kraft Macaroni and Cheese for dinner.

Michaela is going to Copenhagen with her class next week for two nights and three days! She is beyond excited and says she is so happy we moved to Denmark. : ) I'm scared but she'll be fine. They have tons of plans and are staying in a family hostel - she'll have a great time I'm sure...

Paul is going to Italy next week to be a speaker at some windmill conference. He is super busy with work and hasn't had a chance to partake in the 5 hour Danish work day yet. : ) We were going to tag along to Italy but SOMEONE is going to Copenhagen and messing up our plans. : ) We'll have to go later I guess. Happy has his days of either disliking work because of all day meeting about the meeting they will have later... or liking work because someone actually agreed to do what they were told to do. I'm not envious. I'll be a good, little housewife and stick to washing clothes and cooking dinner.

Scotty has some new friends that we have play dates with at least once a week now. A little 3.5 year old boy and a 2 year old girl... Their playdates typically consist of Scotty yelling MINE and getting upset and having to sit in a chair, but I think he's doing better. (couldn't get worse) He shared a few toys voluntarily when they came over here yesterday. I also found a little kid play/music class and we are going their next week. I even found a place to go swimming in the mornings after we drop the girls off at school - so he loves the pool now. So life is better now. : ) -I couldn't find these things before because I was using this webpage translater to translate from Danish to English and it was terrible, I'd miss every other word... and I couldn't get any information. I found a good translator though and it's SOOOO helpful. I've found Cheerleading classes, Swimming lessons, Wall Climbing lessons, and a Family Gym Day! Reading is very helpful!!! The next step is getting signed up. : )

Sierra is great too. She is having fun playing in the sunshine after school. I've even caught her reading books just for fun!! She is becoming quite the good reader. We had parent/teacher conferences and they said she is doing well... needless to say she talks a bit much in class though. : )

I am fat. I am currently wearing a pair of materinty pants - so I hope everyone is happy I'm admitting to that. : ) I only have one pair of normal pants that fit me. People say they can't tell I'm even pregnant but that's because I'm usually in sweatshirts since it's cold. Now that it's been warm, I've worn shirts and my belly pokes out. I haven't had a doctor appointment since my ultrasound. I finally go in a few weeks to meet the midwife. It might be the midwife who delivers the baby but probably not - you just go to the hospital and whoever is there delivers the baby. I'm sure at the time I won't care who does it though! I feel fine, somedays I'm really tired but I think that's from chasing Scotty all day... The baby kicks and kicks and kicks ALL DAY and NIGHT - so I know she's in there and doing okay too. :)

So that is us... Oh and the cats are fine too. :) We are trying to plan a trip to CA and Canada in June - but no promises until we book the tickets. We are thinking of having a layover in London for a week or so on the way back; so that involves a bit more thought...

Okay - I'm hungry and off to make some nachos.. YAY!


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