Sunday, July 5, 2009

Boating and Packing

I wrote this with the intent of including pictures... but I have none yet and I'm getting behind so I'm posting it without proof of my awesome-ness. (Dad, when you and Mom are done hiking all over Southern Utah can you email me my awesome-ness please?)

- Where to even begin? How about with pictures of my awesome-ness... as promised. :)

Here is Michaela's awesome-ness as well. During previous summers we would need an adult in the water to hold the knee board steady for her until she got going because it's pretty tricky to steady yourself and pull yourself up onto the board, but this time she did it all by herself!! Next summer we will have to get her a Michaela sized wake board. :) Very cool!! Maybe that is what Papa will get for Christmas this year.

Sierra prefers to spend her time lounging in the sun ON the boat.

Scotty is in charge of making sure the boat doesn't go too fast.

Andrea hates her life jacket with a passion and would like to have nothing to do with it.

- Andrea is pulling herself up and standing! Don't worry Daddy, I always push her back down so she doesn't take any first steps without you. :)

- We have been doing lots of shopping and I've filled one suitcase that is "Not to be opened". It is filled with:
- lemon cake mix
- books
- neosporin for me and friends
- nail polish
- vitamins
- party favors for kids birthdays for rest of year
- clothes from Michaela and Sierra that will now fit Andrea
- one dictionary and two thesauruses
- lunch box for a certain boy from Sweden (hope you like it Johan)
- some medicine

My new theory is to get small suitcases, like the carry on size, and STUFF them to the top since weight is usually our problem. This way we get the same weight and a smaller container to fit into our car.

- Today I went shopping and got craft things. I forgot that Michaels is one of my favorite stores, right up there with Target. I will need another trip to Michaels though, it's easier to buy more in two trips than in just one.

I'm just doing my best to stimulate the US economy. Maybe that will make our CA houses worth more? I'll keep trying and see how it goes...

- Next week we will be at Dillons Beach all week, so no chance of writing on my little blog then. I'll tell about the Fourth of July later too because it will take some time to tell about the great hot air ballons at 6am, parades with throwing candy, Michalea's bouncy-ness, and the fireworks.

....ouuu, it's like a "to-be-continued" show. (I hate those.) :)

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