Sunday, July 26, 2009

Canadian Shopping Spree!!

Plane ride to Toronto was TERRIBLE.

Crying Andrea. ...No, I take that back, not crying - SCREAMING!!!
Delayed flight.
All six of us sprinting through Chicago airport... which by the way is HUGE!
More crying Andrea.
As an end to our day... ALL our Luggage was LOST.

For a moment I thought lost luggage was great because this meant I didn't need to deal with any of it. Although we did arrange for Paul's brother AND Dad to pick us up. :) See Mom, I told you it would work out! So I was happy about not having to lug it all anywhere. HOWEVER... as we drove to our hotel I began to think of all the things I needed, but didn't have, and I began to get irritated. We all went to bed... in our clothes.

The next morning Paul got 1 Million Points when he told me our travel insurance covered everything and for every 24 hours our NINE checked bags were missing we got to spend $100 PER person!! That meant I had $600 to spend EVERY DAY! :) SO.... off we went to the mall!!! Spending that much money in a day was actually pretty hard. :) I should have picked more expensive places I guess. We bought clothes and socks and underwear and swimming suits for the hotel pool. We got shampoo and hair curlers and diapers... It was great fun!

AND our bags were also gone a second day soooooo.... $600 more dollars!! :) This time we went to an outdoor/camping store which was WAY expensive and Paul and I blew through $500 in an hour by buying some overpriced clothes. Ahhhh, but alas, our bags were returned that night and our Canadian Shopping Spree was over... :) :)

I knew all nine of our bags were not missing forever so I wasn't worried about that. There is safety in numbers! Who could lose NINE heavy suitcases. I figured that with our world record crossing of the Chicago airport with four kids in ten minutes our bags were left in the dust... :)

We arrived at Paul's parent's cottage on the night ouf our second day to meet our suitcases which had been Fed-Ex-ed the two hours from Toronto to little ole' Bracebridge, Ontario. :)

:) I will now trade out clothes for the girls because we can't pack all that we bought.

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'Babs' said...

Wonderful to read about your spending spree! I was with you in spirit I think :)

Loved reading all about your 4th July celebrations too.


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