Monday, July 27, 2009

Week at the Beach

One of our weeks in California was spent at Dillon Beach with my cousins. The kids all had a great time although it was Danish-y weather. :) It was a nice break for the HEAT though.

It was pretty cold because of the wind, so I will admit to not really touching the water but the kids played in it. :) We even rented a boogie board for Michaela and Courtney (my cousin's daughter) and those two girls didn't seem to mind the overcast coldness. The boogie board was a hit, both of them figured out how to wait for the perfect wave and to jump onto it at just the right time; I was impressed. Michaela even took a pretty big hit from a breaking wave that crashed down on her little head, but she came up shocked and sandy, but still smiling. :)

Dillon Beach is good for sand dollars though and a couple mornings we woke up bright and early at 6:00am to be the first out on the beach at low tide to find them. I was actually surprised at how many perfect sand dollars we found! With the tide out we could see lots of starfish and sea anemomes and crabs, so that was interesting too.Ten points if you figure out this picture.... It's a purple starfish eating a big, orange crab. :) Ewwww... but dumb crab for getting caught by a slow starfish. Kids, this is how Natural Selection works I guess.

The sand dunes were fun too. Walking through sand dunes is great. It's hard to explain if you've never done it, but it's like powder snow that isn't cold and easier to walk through. :) Inside the sand dunes you were safe from the wind so it was nice and warm. The kids tried to slide down them on cardboard and in the end became COVERED in sand.
Andrea usually stayed in the warm house, but she did get some time on the beach licking sand off of various sand toys. :)

This is is Michaela "just getting her feet wet" on our first trip down to the water.
SO. Thanks Tawna for arranging the beach house and letting us hang out for the week. It was great to keep the all kids in contact. I know mine had tons of fun!

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Kelli Nørgaard said...

I love the new masthead pic!! This is proof of how crazy, I mean BRAVE, you were taking all the kiddoes alone to the US! :o) And what a great experience for your kiddoes at that beach! Those creatures are amazing!


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