Sunday, March 20, 2011

Michaela and 47 Countries

Michaela had a school assignment to memorize all 47 countries in Europe AND their capitals!!! She got a 6 on the test, which is basically an A. 7 is the highest.

Did you know there was a country called Andorra? It's right between France and Spain! I had no idea. When Michaela told me I didn't believe her... :) Andorra sounds kinda "star treky" to me

Let's play a game with Michaela... She can, impress us/make us feel dumb, with her vast knowledge of Europe.

She's sitting next to me.
I'll ask her questions and write them down with her answers and then we'll check them. :) I won't even waste my time with the boring "What is the capital of France?" questions... they are too easy for her. :)

What is the capital of Andorra?
Michaela: Andorralavella
Mom: (Michaela just called me a dummy for spelling "Andoralavella" wrong. So... New Idea... I will type some questions, hand her the computer, and she will type in her answers. I'm obviously too dumb to participate.)

Spell the capital of Andorra correctly Little Miss Smarty Pants...
Michaela: Andorra la Vella (My own mother is a dummy)
Mom: Correct. Don't call your mother a dummy.

What is the capital of Estonia?
Michaela: IDK
Mom: Tallinn, duh ...but it did take me a minute to figure out IDK means "I don't know."

What is the capital of Moldova?
Michaela: Chisinau
Mom: Correct

What is the capital of Croatia?
Michaela: Zagreb
Mom: Correct

What is the capital of Iceland?
Michaela: Reykjavik
Mom: Correct

What is the capital of Romania?
Michaela: Bucharest?
Mom: Correct

What is the capital of Malta?
Michaela: Valletta (not sure about spelling) XD (Of course at least I knew Malta was a country, see how ignorant my oh-so-smart-European mother is?)
Mom: Correct. Don't call your mother ignorant.

Michaela: In my defense this was like forever ago. I learned it in one night and a half of a history class.


franziengland said...

WELL DONE Michaela!! I don't think I have ever heard about the capital of Moldova. When I was a child and had to learn this there was one big country, Soviet, and we only had to learn Moscow. Big difference compared to these days, but I am happy for them and it is worth us have to learn lots of new capitals :) .
This weekend "Are you smarter then a 5th grader?" started in Sweden. I just did a test and passed. PUH!

Craig said...

I guess I need to play the countries game we played a couple of years ago, with Michaela. She'd probably beat me.

Tara said...

I got a 6 on my test though cuz i forgot some weird something-or-other capital.

C and H Romenesko said...

Way to go learn like I do....binge and purge (knowledge, that is). Cram it in, take the test, and then half of it falls out.

Anonymous said...

I love this game :)


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