Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Two Year Old Gang

These four kids are best friends... as are their moms. :)

They are the most innocent little people you have ever seen huh?? HA! They are tiny little monsters, each in their own special way! Don't let their cute innocent smiles fool you. They are probably secretly planning their next escape from the house to chase the cats.

Each one has a special skill which the group as a whole utilizes.
From left to right...

- Quinn is in charge of the entertainment. He works any buttons: TV, iPod, DVD player, Microwave, Oven, Dishwasher, Fondue Pot... He'll make it light up, don't worry.

- Krista heads up the deception department. Her random hugs and cute little chatter makes you believe all children can be nothing but sweet and innocent.

- Andrea is the scary one. Beware of the scowls. They can scare even the bravest of moms.

- Ben is the muscle. He special skills include opening doors and front gates. He is also in charge of helping anyone up who falls.

Andrea will be three in August.
Quinn will be three in September.
Krista will be three in October.
Ben will be three in November.

I'm so thankful for my little group of American moms I have here. I didn't realize how much I missed Americans until now. In Denmark, I was the only American. It was fun to have international friends of course, but it just wasn't the same.

It's been so much fun to have American friends to joke around with, be sarcastic with, and talk fast and use contractions with... People that you can just be normal around because they totally get you. I don't have to watch what I say and they understand how hard it is to live here even, especially with a family which includes a two year old.

I'm sure I'll make other American friends whenever we move on from here, but it will NEVER be like this; NEVER will I find four other moms like this. I don't think I'd be very happy here in Germany if it wasn't for them. I'd go crazy-nuts within days without them.

I talk to them everyday, our families hang out, we go out as couples, our kids go to school together, do sports together, we grocery shop for each other and babysit each others kids.

...and when one of us reaches a breaking point and finds herself under the kitchen table silently rocking back and forth with a Rusty Butter Knife, it's a given that the others will quickly step in and save her. I've been saved. I've saved them. It's just how it works.

I love my Rusty Butter Knives! :)


franziengland said...

I'm SO happy for you!! I totally understand it must be wonderful being able to use all the English words you know :) . Of course there are things you understand better when you share the same background and for sure it helps when you are abroad.
You deserve friends like that, since as you say, that's the kind of friend you are yourself!
Isn't it fantastic you can have both?! Some great American friends and a few exotic international ones ;) . Hugs!

franziengland said...

Oh, I forgot to say. You are right, if you hadn't told us I would have thought all the four of them were little angels :)) .

Leda said...

I love you! And your crazy kids! I thank God for my Rusty Butter Knives every day!

Kelly said...

Oh, I just teared up a little bit. I am so thankful for all of you and I feel so lucky that I have so much support here, especially on the days where I keep looking under the table and thinking about sitting under it.

shellyk said...

Okay, so I've wanted to post comments here before, but I've been too lazy to open an account. You know me, the computer-challenged one. :) So now you went and wrote such a sweet, warm, fuzzy post, and I of course have to write something. Thank you all from saving me from the hair-pulling insanity that my life seems to be some days! I've had more fun laughing myself silly over things that might have put me in a straight jacket. Thank you! :)

PiNG aka Patti said...

I love the two year old gang and their descriptions - perfect!

Live, Play, and Read Together said...

I'm feeling a little left out... so sad :( But, I'm very HAPPY for you. It does make all the difference in the world.

BTW - April Fools is tomorrow. I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeves this year. :)


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