Friday, March 4, 2011

Vacation Report: Belgium

Yes, we survived another road trip through Europe. :) It was fun. Well, parts of it were borderline torture, but for the most part the kids did awesome.

So here is Belgium. We have technically been to Belgium many times. Once we even stopped for lunch there. But it's always been, "Let's see how fast we can drive through Belgium". This time we power drove six hours straight to Brussels and actually stayed to check out the town for a day.

I now feel kinda bad for zooming through little Belgium in the past, irritated that it was just in our way in getting to the "cool countries". Belgium is a nice little town, full of friendly people who gave us free chocolate to try.

Belgium was an easy place to visit. Maybe because there wasn't tons of things I was supposed to drag my four kids to see. The highlight of Brussels wasn't even the capital building of the EU, although I think we walked past it. The main tourist attraction seemed to be a small statue of a boy peeing, "Mannequin Pis"... and a big, strange, ball building... The Atomium.

I think Belgium will be a place that we put on the "Repeat When Warm" list. :)

Hotel: :)


Nana said...

I love the pictures but I think the kids went on vacation by themselves...not a single picture of you or Paul :)

Michaela said...

The Atomium also had the WORST waffles EVER! And we never had time to try a good one so Mom owes us like, two waffles with chocolate sauce and Nutella and ice cream and all things chocolate. :D And she said she would try to find Belgian waffle in a store here but they aren't the same. Grrr

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, 2 remarks from a "real Belgian": Belgium is not a town, it is a country, Brussels is a town, the capital.. And the statue is Manneke Pis ( which means little pee guy :-))
I hope you bought chocolate and cuberons!!!


Anonymous said...

ps there is also the female version of mannneke pis in Brussels: Jeanneke Pis....


Anonymous said...

Mwahhahaha! Is there enough BOOZE in the pic! This holiday looks like a lot of fun. I love Belgium too. I've had some great times there. Nice people.

Z :)

franziengland said...

I also remember that little boy statue from my visit to Belgium when I was a child. We even bought candy in the shape of Manneke Pis. I can't help laughing for the same reason as Hilde. "Belgium is a nice little town..." I bet the cities in US are as big as the whole country Belgium ;) .
Great to see you had a nice trip!


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