Thursday, October 6, 2011


Here are the long awaited pictures of the newest rodent of the family. Chibi.

He sleeps all day and about the time Sierra goes to bed he gets into his little plastic wheel and runs like a tiny little cheetah. I've never seen such tiny little legs go so fast!! It's hilarious.

...and when he runs it's unbelievably LOUD. I can't believe the noise this thing makes ...I can't believe Sierra can sleep through the noise this thing can make. I guess they are the perfect match for each other. :)


Michaela said...

He peed on mom

franziengland said...

I think everybody seem to buy hamsters nowadays... I totally remember everything you describe since I was little and we had hamsters in my family. It is still fascinating to my why they LiKE running in that wheel... I am sure Sierra adores him!


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