Monday, October 3, 2011

Hamburg Freezers ....lost.


Happy has a season pass so we are now official Hamburg Freezer fans... except after tonight it will be tough, because it was so frustrating to watch the Freezers take 145 shots on goal and miss all but two. ...but that's another story.

It's not real hockey, it's European hockey, but I don't really know the difference so it was still fun. :) Maybe tomorrow I'll try to watch the game in which the Hamburg Freezers play a real live NHL team as part of a special something ...but probably not. :)

At today's game:

- Michaela was bored out of her mind. I had to tell her to pretend to watch.

- Sierra watched with me and tried to figure out the scoreboard and the rules and why people had to go sit in the "naughty box".

- Scotty's favorite part is the watching the Zamboni, clapping to the loud music, and eating ice cream during the breaks. :)

- Andrea thought it was too loud, but it held her interest because of the clapping and dancing that was involved ...and the giant TVs.

Anyways... Today we all went to the game and it was a tie. 2 to 2. Then they had another five minutes to play. Still a tie. Then there was a shoot out, which doesn't seem fair at all, but it was fun to watch. :) ...and in the end the Other German City Roosters won. I don't think Roosters or Freezers are even German words. That's odd.

HEY Shelly, this picture is for you. :) See the guy in the yellow shirt? HE'S THE PRETZEL BOY! He carries his checkered fabric lined, wicker basket up and down the aisles selling PRETZELS!! :) I thought of you the second I saw him!


franziengland said...

The photos are just amazing, showing EXACTELY what you in words describe about the children, ha ha ha ha.

shellyk said...

I love the pretzel boys!!! I just looked up how to make authentic German pretzels online, and guess what? You use a lye bath to soak them in before you bake them. Sounds a little dangerous to you have to eat them right away, or they get stale. So keep eating them in Germany, cause chances are, you won't get them here!

The hockey game must've been rather polite, no fist fights, huh? That would've perked the kids up. Come back to America and see if you see a difference. :)


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