Monday, October 17, 2011

Home from Potato Break!

We are home.

But I really didn't mention we left. :)

The kids were off of school last week for Potato Break so we went to England to see Swedish Ingrid, who we first met in Denmark many, many, many years ago... but now her family lives outside of London. :)

Ingrid is one of the nicest people on earth and her family is just great! Really though... they are one of the sweetest families I know. The kids are kind and caring and helpful, her husband is one of the best behaved husbands I know of. He has been well trained and even cooked dinner one night while we were out shopping in London. :)

I never even hear their kids argue, but maybe that's what all that Swedish was about. :) I think I will learn German just so I can have another language to threaten the kids in.

"Verhalten oder Ich werde dich in einen Schrank sperren und futtern Sie toast fur drei tage." sounds much nicer than, "Behave or I will lock you in a closet and feed you toast for three days."

Speaking of Swedish... Ingrid's family speaks perfect English, all of them do, and English seems to be pretty easy for them, but when we plain ole' English speakers are not in the room, they change to Swedish... because that's their language. :)

As soon as we boring English speakers enter... they immediately switch from Swedish to English ...even if their conversation means absolutely nothing to us. It was just a polite thing they do and they were so aware of it all the time.... Once I just kept walking in and out of the room to hear them go back and forth between languages. :)

See? Nicest couple on earth... We arrived the day after Michaela's 13th birthday and Ingrid had a cake waiting. I love these two people... I really do!

Here are the kids, who I also love...

....and more friends, ...makes me happy.

Another good friend who I miss a lot also moved from Denmark to England... She brought her family to visit with us for a day and it was so nice to see them again. Thanks so much to her for coming out!!! :) This is a picture of us running to each other, open arms... :) It was like a movie. :) :) I miss them and hope we can figure out a way to get her oldest out here to spent a week or two!!

Seems as if I'm finally cashing in on the International Lifestyle we have going on here. :)

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