Saturday, November 12, 2011

Halloween 2012!

Plants vs' Zombies. Papa knows exactly what Scotty is for Halloween. :)

Hippie Chick. Sehr cute.

Goth Chick. Sehr hasslich

Andrea chick. Andrea is just like Scotty was at the sweet age of three. She refused to put on a costume of any kind and when I forced the adorable pink puppy suit on her the screaming made my ears cry ...not worth it! She did wear a tutu for some of her party though and that made me happy enough.

At least she would wear her "bat hat" for the preschool play. :)

Spider cupcakes for Scotty's class. This is what they looked like before they all landed on the floor of my car. I carried a tray of spider parts up to Scotty's classroom and tried to rebuild the spiders. Whatever. The kids liked them anyways.

Here is our little pile of candy that our four children collected together. :) We got marzipan balls, lots of pennies, a wooden toy, a few chips, an orange and an apple... nothing we really cared to eat. :)

I can't wait for real trick-or-treating, but thankfully my kids don't know/remember the difference... at least the two little ones don't. As far as Scotty and Andrea were concerned this was a giant pile of candy and they were perfectly happy about it I tried to be happy about it too. :)

We tried trick-or-treating this year again and it worked out fine. Last year we went to a row of apartments which is well known for housing all the International Families; this year we tried something new and went to a neigherboorhood that we heard also did trick-or-treating... :)

True. This other neighborhood did do trick-or-treating, but it was clearly a German neighborhood. There were other groups of kids running through the streets and it felt very "halloweeny" and that made me happy, but those little kids all had a cute German song to sing when the door opened. All we had was Scotty with a flower pot on his head yelling "trick-or-treat" at them as they opened the door. Sorry, no song.

Most of the time the Germans would just stand there and wait for our song. Nearly every opened door ended in a stare down... they'd stare at us waiting for a song, we'd stare at them waiting for candy. In the end we usually got candy, but even Scotty knew it was a bit awkward. :)


Nana said...

That does not look like Michaela! Looks like a big enough pile of candy to me. Sounds like everyone had fun no matter what.

franziengland said...

I have read this before, but not left a comment :). Great costumes for everybody!! How fun they waited for you to sing :) !!
Agree with Nana, it seems like a rather big pile of candy to me.


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