Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Real Thanksgiving. :)

Here is the real Thanksgiving blurb ...and here are some of the crazy village children. :)

There were four families who all got together for Thanksgiving this year and that made for a lot of people ...most of whom were kids. Ages: 13, 11, 7, 6, 6, 5, 4, 4, 3, 3, 3, .5 :)

My girls are the oldest and the two of them are at the point where they are stuck between the adult table and the kid table. Maybe we should make a teenager table? Look at what a loving table it would be.

Here is Pooz with Krista. They see each other every single day and they hang out all the time... so often that they act like sisters most of the time. :) I'm glad Poozie has friends... Three year olds don't often have friends, like real friends... but my little Andrea is already building her village.

Michaela also has her own little village going on... She is headed to Norway the day after Christmas for a week of skiing with her best friend's family who moved from Hamburg to Norway last year.

...and hey Grandma, check out my pie!!! It's my best one yet. I nearly forgot to put the evaporated milk in this time, which I've finally learned is called Kondensed Milk here, but at least this time I remembered the eggs!!!

AND. My pie has that little line in the middle. It's where I stabbed it with the knife to see if it was done. To me a pumpkin pie needs to have this line in the middle because I'm pretty sure every pie my mom ever made had a line in the middle from being poked with a knife. ...and so this pie ...with it's line in the middle, is how a real pie should look. A pie without this line in the middle looks weird. :) j


franziengland said...

Great celebration!!! Photos of the children amazingly good! They are all very photogenic! The sisters looks so nice :) !
When does Michaela come back from Norway?
Cute with Andrea and her friend! Do they talk to each other or mostly play beside each other?
The pie looks great! Can't remember if the one our American neighbours (you know who they are ;) ) had that perfeck little scar in the middle :)....

franziengland said...

Hello! What do you do in december?


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