Monday, November 28, 2011


This was our fourth Thanksgiving away from "home".

...and this thanksgiving more than any other thanksgiving I am extremely thankful for my friends and family.

I'll leave it at that, but there is no way I could have survived the past month without my family and friends. It really does take a village ...and my village totally kicks butt. :)

...and if you don't have a village, and I mean like a loyal village, not a pretend group of "in-the-moment-followers"... but if you don't have that group of people to help you along and guard you like a German Shepard would, you are going to be eaten by some crazed rabid wolf somewhere through life...

...and rightfully so because IF you somehow manage to go through life and NOT have a loyal and trustworthy village to back you up, you probably SHOULD just be eaten because you are most likely too snakey and two-faced to have picked up a village along the way. Hmmm.... :)

Happy Thanksgiving. :)

HA! :)

How's that for English Homework? :)


C and H Romenesko said...

Yikes! Gobble, gobble. Maybe I should be eaten by rabid dogs :-(

franziengland said...

Oh yeah, that was something...!!
I know you have great friends and families. Of course that is also very much due to the fact you are a really nice friend yourself!!
Who did you celebrate Thanksgiving with? Did you ate the Turkey and all the things that belongs to that? We were invited to our American neighbours, the one with the "closed eyes hoola hoop jumping in one leg" daughter :) . It was a tasty and great experience to try everything the right American way. We loved all of it! And I know they have been eating Turkey leftovers since that Thurday...
Thinking of you and we will 99% pass by on our way to Sweden. I'll come back with more information regarding that by email. HUGS!!


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