Thursday, January 5, 2012

Back up to the Eve

On Christmas Eve we went over to Kelly's house for a FONDUE PARTY!  :)  We had cheese and chocolate and I have to admit to eating way more of the chocolate than the cheese.  :)  It was a really great day because all my favorite German-Living families were there...   :)   The kids kept to themselves, the husbands mostly kept to themselves...  perfect.  :) 

Krista and Andrea!  They have gotten twin comments several times while being out in public.  They have the same floppy hair and I caught them both hitting themselves in the head the other day.  Smart ones....

 Brett and Scotty!

Kelly was my friend until she got this for Andrea.  It has a million small pieces and if they aren't arranged in the right order my sweet Andrea loses her mind I hid it.  It's not really part of our family anymore.  Sorry, Kelly, I couldn't take the stress!!  :)

Boys playing chess...  FYI, Scotty is a chess superstar.  The Boy kicks our butt all the time and we never let him win.  He sets traps for us and then whips his little queen around the board killing all our pieces right before yelling "CHECK"...  He is his daddy's boy.  Can't spell to save his life, but is a math genius.  :)

Happy with a book.  Well, it's Michaela with a book, but she is happy.  :)

So there you have it.  Our Christmas Eve.  :)  Sierra was in charge of pictures, so she isn't in any ...she'll make a great mom one day!  :)


franziengland said...

Even the boys should have twin comments! SO if kids and husbands were kept for themselves... means even the MOMS had some nice time just by themself?!
Scotty, wow a chess genious! A friends brother lives in South America and gets his living from playing chess. THAT is amazing to me...
Yeah, that girl can REALLY read! Not even me would any longer start a book as thick as that one...

shellyk said...

Glad to hear my old fondue pot is getting some use!! Look up Melting Pot recipe for spinach artichoke dip and use butterkase's heaven. :)


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