Monday, January 9, 2012

Good Family Makes Cookies. GO MOM!

Look at us.  Making Cookies... like a good family...  There is some unwritten rule that if you don't make Christmas cookies with your family you are a terrible mom.  :)  FYI.

HA!  I only say that because every year I actually succeed in making cookies with my kids, despite swearing that I'll never do it again...  :)  Usually it's okay because in the end, although I have a complete mess in the kitchen, I at least have yummy cookies.  This year I made cookies with ...ugh, ...crisco.  I thought they would be good since that is what the recipe actually called for and this time I actually had it.  Shortening?  Isn't that Crisco.  Ewwww..  

The dough wasn't even yummy to eat.  Oh well, lesson learned...  crisco is gross, just use butter.  I don't think the kids noticed though.  :)  ...and I don't think I'll ever use Crisco for anything else ever again.

We don't have a lot of counter space in our German kitchen.  :)

Here is Michaela's cookie.  She made it for Happy. First she took a teeny tiny rocket shaped cookie and covered it with as much frosting as she could, then she figured out how to maximize the amount of candy she was able to stick on to it...

I'm not sure why, but her cookie reminds me of a caterpillar.  :)  Anyways, she then convinced Happy that he HAD to eat it because she... "made it with love" just for him.

Then Happy proceeded to make a "special cookie" for her.

He went into the kitchen and five minutes later he returned with a plate of tiny carrot, celery, and cucumber pieces... and then began to "decorate" a cookie with "vegetable sprinkles" for Michaela.  Nice. Those two are an interesting pair.

...and if Andrea had her way she would just make flour cookies. Actually, Andrea has zero interest in making a cookie.  She would rather throw flour on the dough repeatedly ...and roll it out indefinitely.  :)

  ...and she got mad because I eventually made her stop.  Please note the perfected pout by my angelic three year old:  crossed arms, sad eyes, big fat lower lip ...she's got it down!  But she's the fourth kid and this doesn't work on me.  Sorry pup.  :)


...not true, it did work ...she continued to "flour" and roll out dough for quite a while because she is the fourth kid ...and I've learned that wasting a blob of  icky-tasting crisco dough is well worth a solid half hour of entertainment for a three year old.


franziengland said...

Oh, how I LOVE this post. Of course the final is the best, the picture of Andrea, can absolutely see her in front of me and love to read you discussion with yourself about allowing and not allowing and for what reasons (kind of the same I was writing about regarding letting or not letting the children sleep in parents beds) :) . Your decision is absolutely right. Well worth wasting some dough.
Making Christmas cookies with your children is a HAVE TO. Made me immediately feel bad... BUT then I realize we DO so to, we do ginger bread every year, so of course I follow the good mom rule too.
Michaela and Paul are both really strong personalities... I guess that it is the combination that either gives unique extraordinary results or a total crash, ha ha.

shellyk said...

I love Andrea and her pout!!! moms let their 4th child play with dough. :)

shellyk said...

I love Andrea and her pout!!! moms let their 4th child play with dough. :)


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