Friday, January 18, 2013

Late Christmas!

I've posted pictures of our Christmas before Paul has taken down the big green Triangle Tree outside, so I win. ...besides we still have our Christmas tree outside our front door.  It looks pretty now, so we left it there.  :)

On Christmas Eve we open one present...  Paul and mUm were still a little confused why I insisted we do this, but I said they'd have to call my parents to ask them. :) It's just how it works.

It was the year of the iPhone.  Michaela and Sierra each unwrapped a vibrating and ringing gift; needless to say both girls were a little happy.  I got a new iPhone before I went to Germany.  Mine other one fell in the toilet.  :(  Long story, but it involved the cat...

We didn't think we would have snow for Christmas, but Christmas morning it snowed! ...which I believe is the true definition of a "White Christmas".  In all honesty it wasn't very white though.  :)  It was just enough for Santa to use his sleigh.

I'm not sure how I feel about the responsibility this elf brings, but I had seen all the fun things the elf did at other peoples houses.  The final straw was when Scotty asked why we didn't have an elf like the other kids at school did.  Hmmmmm....  I guess the elf only lives in America and since we are here now, Santa left us one for next year.

I think another one of our new traditions will be to NOT clean up any paper on Christmas morning.  We chose to throw all the paper into the kid room and the kids had tons of fun jumping in the pile.  See Scotty's foot in there?

Mommy and Daddy ...and a little Scotty in yellow Christmas Cracker hats.  :)

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