Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My secret language... and you know you had one...

FYI I had a secret language   It's called the "S language".  My friends and I made it up in the 4th grade when I lived in Georgia.

I was super impressed with myself tonight when my magical husband and I were watching The Big Bang Theory together and the topic of "a secret language" came up.  I proudly declared I had a secret language when I was much younger...  AND I still remembered it!!!

I guess I can describe how it works because I'm not quite sure Happy (or anyone) could figure it out ...and I'm not really quite sure how to even describe it.  :)  I THINK you put the sound "sigh-ay" at the end of every syllable.

Here it goes...

Let's say I want to say, "My cat loves to eat tacos on Saturday night."

It's pronounced...  Mysai, catsat lovsoves tosoo eatseat tasacosos onson Sasatursurdaysay nighsight.

This is amusing me....

To say, "I have a green crayon in my pocket", you say...

Isigh havesave asay greensean casaransan insin mysiy posacasetet.

Hmmm....   It works better with bigger words.

My cornucopia, which is full of butternut squash, bounces on the trampoline at midnight.

Mysigh corsanasapocia whichich issi fullsh oshove buttsertersernut squash, bounceses onson thesa trasampolsolinesein atsat misidnisight.


Take that German; I have the S language....

PS. It all makes perfect sense to me.  :)

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