Sunday, January 6, 2013

Warm Cat, Yorkshires, Triangle Tree, Old Happy

When I was younger I had a cat named Mittens.  I think every cat family has had a black cat with white feet named Mittens...  Anyways, Mittens would sleep in the middle of my bed and when I'd go to bed I would contort myself all over the place so I didn't disturb her ...and I do the same thing for Velcro now.  He sleeps with me every night and he rules the bed.

However....  the fire is MY spot.  It is obviously the warmest spot in the house and Happy made it for ME, but Velcro seems to think otherwise.  80% of Velcro's day is spent lying in front of the fire, but I have no hesitation in shoving Velcro's little kitty butt over to take MY warm spot back.

These are Yorkshires.  They go with a meal called Yorkshire Pudding and I'm not quite sure why the word pudding is used because there is zero pudding involved and it doesn't resemble a dessert in any way shape or form.  It's a bread thing, like a roll...

Paul's mom came to spend Christmas with us and she showed me how to make them.  I did NOT make these, but I watched and was carefully instructed.  :)  I should have taken notes, but what I do remember is that under no circumstances am I to add salt or baking powder to them; that is cheating.  It's like how I have a strict rule against fondant for my cake decorating.  :)

AND, you eat Yorkshire Pudding with roast beef, not pot roast.  :) These little roll things are flipped upside down and then you poke a hole in the bottom and fill it with gravy ...and eat it with your roast.  The roll itself doesn't really taste like much so you better have some good gravy to go with it.  :)  Luckily I've gotten good at making gravy... I've yet to try to make these yorkshires on my own, but I'll have to try soon as per mUm's request/demand.  :)

Here is our Triangle Tree.  Paul's dad couldn't make it to our Christmas this year, but Paul made this tree just for him.  Paul's dad had made a similar tree and it was something that made Happy happy so we needed one for our kids too.  It's huge...  25 feet tall!  Now I just tell people we live at the house with the Giant Green Triangle Tree.  :)  It's much bigger in real life.  :)

My favorite part was watching Happy and his friend Sam put it up.  The Triangle Tree is surprisingly heavy I learned while I supported the top half by a rope tied to the star by leaning away from it with all my weight so it didn't crack in half as Paul was desperately trying to figure out why a portion of green lights (on the very top of course) wasn't lit up...   :)

I'm not quite sure where the Triangle Tree is going to live in his off season.  I really wish Paul's dad could have seen it.  Next year I hope!

Oh and did I forget to mention Happy is mega old now?  He had a birthday party with a couple friends and it involved a "Birthday Bonfire" so I made him a "Fire Cake".  It had 43 candles carefully placed in the middle of his cake.  Let's just say the middle of the cake was covered in a giant blob of candle wax.  :)  Happy Birthday Happy.

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