Monday, May 12, 2008

Deer Park

Today we went to the deer park. I don't know why, but there seems to be a lot of deer parks in Denmark. You can go walk around on trails and have picnics and just play in the forest. ...and there are lots of deer around ready to eat any carrots or apples you are willing to share. : ) Afterwards we went to a nearby beach for a bit.

The weather is still great! It's been in the mid-70s, low 80s. The sun is lasting until about 10pm already too. If it gets any hotter I'll be uncomfortable, so I'm happy just like this. ...and nobody seems bothered by the 4:30am sun yet.

85 more days to go with this kicking belly, and I'm just now starting to have my concerns about this whole Danish birth thing. I've decided I'll make up aliments to get real medicine. I'll lie for drugs, no problem... : ) I think talking to a doctor or midwife at some point would make me feel better though. Today I searched the internet and diaganosed myself with 14 diseases and possible complications I currently have or will have.

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