Monday, May 19, 2008

My "appointment"

I got to see a midwife today! I've learned I don't care at all about the doctor, I want a good midwife - they are the ones who do all the baby delivering... they are also the ones still on strike here in wonderful Aarhus, Denmark.

Since I'm in week 30 I got to finally go to the main midwife center and be seen on a first come first serve basis. Luckily I was first because when my time was over there were 25 annoyed large pregnant women in the tiny waiting room with 8 chairs.

So after having a nervous breakdown all day Sunday and coming up with various plans on how to get out of delivering this baby in Denmark, I feel better today. The midwife was nice (not that I'll probably ever see her in particular again). She confirmed the use of drugs and epidurals, she let me listen to the heartbeat for a long time, and she pointed out where her head, back and feet were... The little kicker is about 2.5 lbs right now. :)


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Ingrid said...

Thank's for introducing me to your nice blog! So nice to read about Denmark from your perspective. The farwell party we held for Felton in your house last week was great. Thank's for inviting us! See you at school. Bye Ingrid


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