Monday, June 2, 2008

YAY for the USA!

:) We finally made it! Well, we made it about a week ago, but I finally logged on here to write since my wonderful friends in Denmark are wondering what we are doing... I actually miss Denmark and I never thought I'd say those words!

Our final stop on our long journey to America was in Portland, Oregon where Paul had to worked for a few days in his old office there. We got our good ole' minivan out of storage and eventually drove down to California (10 hours) to my parents house and we've been enjoying the California weather since then. The whole trip was fairly uneventful... Nothing/Nobody was lost along the way. A cute little meat/fruit-sniffing dog in customs almost got us in trouble for "smuggling" in some German food! :) I didn't think that sniffy dog was so cute afterwards... AND I didn't even figure out until later what they were looking for... but didn't find. So don't worry Ingrid, your spaghetti dinners and goulash mix are on their way!

We have filled up most of our empty suitcases for our return trip and I'm now becoming scared they are too heavy, especially with the new luggage rules, but more so with our plans to visit London on the way home. London with 10 checked suitcases filled with Macaroni and Cheese and Parmesan Cheese doesn't sound even a little enjoyable. ... until you have to carry four jars of peanut butter you really don't realize how heavy that stuff is!

We've been buying lots of baby things too - even an exersaucer for her to sit and play in since I hear they are nowhere to be found in Europe. Our plan is too leave it in the box and check it as luggage, but first I will open that box and shove that sucker full of granola bars and paper cupcake holders. We may even find a travel swing that we can just carry on. I hope the London airport can store our luggage... UGH.

So our first week has been spent shopping and eating at all the fast food places I thought I missed. Turns out I didn't miss them, I just wanted them since I couldn't have them. Truth is I enjoy the Burger King at Park Alle near the Aarhus train staion while waiting for our next bus home. However, Scotty is a super fan of Taco Bell rice... and I do enjoy eating ice cream again. I think my girlish figure will be ruined when I get back. Good thing I have this whole pregnancy thing to blame my big bum on.

Well, I'm off... more shopping to do and for some reason I REALLY want a cheeseburger from In-N-Out Burger! Yum... My grandparents from Utah and my older little brother and his wife will be arriving tomorrow so that will be more fun!



Ingrid said...

Hi again,
Finally some information :-) ! Good to hear everything is great over there. You don't have to miss Denmark, it will still be here when you are back... I am impressed that you have had time to do all this shopping in such a short time! I haven't heard about an exersauser, so maybe we don't have that here... Looking forward to see what it is. If you don't have anything to do after the summer :-))), you could start to import them and sell here. I will give your blog address to Hilde (if you don't want to just tell me, I wait some days), because she is reading our blog and I am sure she wants to see yours too. Have fun! Ingrid

Tara said...

OH - I have two Ingrids! :) My favorite friend from Sweden Ingrid... and my Aunt Ingrid from Germany.... :)

Hilde already has the address, but feel free to give it to anyone who misses us!


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