Sunday, June 29, 2008


Okay. All caught up. :) We are back in Denmark.

I missed our house and our things and my big comfy bed and my blankey and pillows. I was happy to see those puny little milk cartons and have a drink with handmade ice. I'll let you all know when the milk cartons annoy me again and I'm tired of filling ice cube trays three times a day.

Kids are happy and on an okay time schedule... Canada and London helped ease the transition with time. All the toys are new to Scotty again so he's played with everything today. The girls and I sorted through all their new clothes and shoes and books. Michaela has finished two books already which I'm not happy about. :) Her new books aren't going to last. My new plan is to find a book seller on line with cheap international shipping rates.

I'm now realizing I need a crib as well as a spot to put it. I think I'll put Sierra with Scotty since his room is much bigger. I've changed my mind 100 times. There is always the computer/library room downstairs but I can't bring myself to have to relocate all that stuff though. I can't put the crib in my room, I'll never sleep - I'll wake up to every sound she makes... I know myself. :)

I made my first to-do list today. I now have many things I have to get done which always amazes me since I don't officially have a job. : ) ...and back to cooking dinner. o h b o y

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