Sunday, June 29, 2008


Small little note: Technically we are back in Denmark.... BUT I have to go in order to tell about the rest of our trip or I'll confuse myself. I didn't write as we went along because I had food to eat and things to buy. :)

Okay. After California we took a direct flight to Toronto, Canada on Father's Day weekend. The journey was uneventful - OH :) except for the "just-kidding-landing" in Toronto. The pilot almost landed and then decided we were too close to the plane ahead of us so we ZOOMED back up. It might as well been a Rocket Launch straight up into the sky, and for a few minutes we all just wondered if we were going to hit something. :o Eventually the pilot told us what happened and 15 minutes later we landed for reals. :)

The first couple nights we stayed with his sister had a big, yummy dinner with all the family at her house. On Father's Day we went to Niagara Falls. The girls didn't really remember it since the last time we went was a few years ago. This time we rode on the Maid of the Mist boat which was hilarious. It was so windy and wet - the girls thought it was funny. Scotty didn't like his blue "raincoat/plastic garbage bag" or the gusts of windy mist in our faces, but he laughed about it afterwards. Then we drove through a big thunder storm to spend the rest of our time at Paul's parents cottage in Bracebridge.

Bracebridge is where people from the city go on vacation and his parents get to live there! It's a cute little town and they have a fun house with a beach, all kinds of boats, ski-dos, and every other toy imaginable. It's even more perfect because it's not actually "on" the lake, it's on a little... river? It's like they live on a culdasack made of water - no through traffic. One way leads to an enclosed bay, which, through a path leads out to the busier big lake part; and the other way leads to a dead end all visible to me sitting in a chair on the big enclosed deck. It's perfect!

Lots of animals too... mosquitoes included :) We saw deer walking past the house nearly everyday! We saw "Peanut" the raccoon and "Chippy" the chipmunk and fed the ducks and their babies in the morning. We even had a birthday party for the kids since Gramma and Papa miss seeing them on their birthdays.

Every time we leave there I spend at least a week trying to figure out a plan of how Paul and I can get a place like that so my grandkids can come and stay for weeks at a time. I don't think it would get any better than that. We even tried to switch our tickets to skip London and stay longer, but it didn't work out. So off we were to London...

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