Monday, June 30, 2008

Back to Life

Well, it was back to an official day today... after I woke up at 11am of course. :)

The panic set in of a new baby in less than 30 days set in as well. I decided I need to treat my life as a job. While working in California I managed tons of projects, meetings, people, and activities... but I did it all with a process and schedule, and writing things out. :) I just need a little schedule that's all. Joanie, my old boss, would be so proud. I just need some monthly meetings to discuss my progress and a little database to input daily homework completion and what needs cleaned next. I'm sure a pivot table or two wouldn't hurt. :) (I do have an excel file which categorizes money spent on each vacation... per day) :)

So - that was my plan this morning; to organize life into a strict schedule - BUT on the way to the grocery store via the good ole' bus we were distracted by a big playland near the store and a non-functioning ATM machine. We ended up with fish sticks and macaroni and cheese for dinner and a late bedtime of 9:45. We did get "mommy school" in though. My children will be malnourished and tired but they'll know about exponents and where the five major oceans of the world are.

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Ingrid in Sweden said...

Thanks for writing about what you have done. It is so fun to read and I was here a lot when you were away :-) !
We are now back in Sweden so our life is a little bit different than normal. Linnea is at a theater camp and Malin is at a handicraft camp, this week. I only have a computer at the evenings when Rikard comes home with his...
Nice to see you looked at our blog. Sorry you can't understand what I write there!
We'll keep contact! Big hug from Ingrid


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