Friday, July 4, 2008

Fourth of July!!

No hot air balloons or fireworks this year BUT we invited all our friends over for a American Pancake Breakfast! (one must differentiate between the many types of pancakes that exist within the world) :)

The kids and I decorated yesterday with all the USA goodies we picked up on our vacation. Paul was a little sad we didn't celebrate Canada Day on the 1st. Sorry - I kinda forgot. :( Canada Day is to Canada what the 4th of July is to America. Well, the same parades and fireworks I guess. I'm not sure if there are pancakes involved though. mUm?

A friend gave us a firework today so we do have ONE. It's big and rather dangerous looking so I'm sure it will be fun! ...and if we stay up until midnight it will get dark and we can see it. :) I am happy to have a firework though. I will miss our long 4th of July day.

Not that the days aren't long here... It's been light until 11:00, dusk looking about midnight, and then the birds are up chirping in the sun at 3am. No night lights needed... Luckily I don't have to get up early, because by the time I get everyone to bed it's 9:30/10:00 and then I'm not tired until it gets dark. You should believe your kids when they tell you it's hard to go to sleep when it's light outside - it is! It's also hard to stay asleep when the sun is out so early. I'm still amused when I wake up at 5am and it appears to be noon.

We bought cribs too. I tried to buy sheets and bumpers but I got confused so I left the store. :( I wasn't sure if I was buying a pillow case or a duvet cover or a fitted or flat sheet... much less of the correct size. I don't think "fitted sheet" translates into anything in Danish - maybe they don't even have them! I'll measure the mattress today and go try again tonight when I can trade Scotty for a car.

Since writing that last bit I went out shopping in another attempt to buy crib items. I did it! I bought a cute pink bird bumper and a matching pillow case and duvet cover and changing pad soft thingy... very pink and cute. I'll take a picture! That may not seem like a big accomplishment but it was very difficult! I am very proud of myself! this baby can come out - she has a place to sleep. (and she better be a she because I can't return any of this stuff!)


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Ingrid back in Århus said...

Hi again,
Sounds like a great 4th of July!
Don't you like the light nights "the nordic light"?? I think it is just wonderful. Up north in Sweden it is light the whole night during this time of the year...
Sizes at sheets is a problem. It seems like every country has its own size of sheets... It is not the same in Denmark and Sweden either...
Now it is 1 o'clock in the night and we have arrived to Århus. Everybody is asleep except me. I shall write something at our blog and I hear the rain falling outside.
Did you hear about the accident at Tivoli Friheden yesterday?
Regarding the activities for your girls, I will help you! Don't worry, I come back!
Bye, Ingrid


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