Thursday, July 24, 2008

More new friends

Tomorrow is the last day of the girls "Latin American Camp". I've been really impressed with the whole thing too. They've fed them yummy breakfast and lunch and made crafts... and it was all free! I would have paid for this all happily. I'm really glad they went. They have even made a couple of new friends with some Danish girls who speak some English because they have lived outside of Denmark for a while. These girls helped translate for Michaela and Sierra along the way and even waited for them every morning to make sure they knew where to go. :) Very nice little girls - sames ages too. They live nearby and we are planning to invite them over next week. We have their number! YAY! Their mom is very nice too - very sympathetic with my current pregnancy situation. :)

OH! The girls have also rode the bus by themselves. This is a HUGE accomplishment for them and me! Armed with their new phone they have come home by themselves the last two days... (with just one wrong turn and a few phone calls along the way to make me feel better). They have even managed a stop at the shopping center for ice cream! : ) This is impressive too because even I hate ordering things from someone in a different language. Now I need to train them to retrieve milk and various other grocery items and I'll be all set!

I'm off to bed now - another week with just three kids. UGH. If that due date comes and goes I will cry. :( I'm now confident I'll be fat until August... that's just how it goes - oh well. :)


Ingrid said...

Hi there,
So you are also up late at night :-) . Good to hear the camp was so nice!! And you have met more nice Danish people :-) ! I know they were out there somewhere for you. M & S have been really good and I admire you as an American mum, to let them go by themselves at the bus trips. Have they learned any Danish?
Don't worry about the baby girl. She is in a safe area and she is surely worth waiting for.
Hugs Ingrid

Your slush ice eating daughter, Michaela said...

slush ice not ice cream! are you mad??????????


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