Saturday, July 19, 2008

Midwife Appointment

I had my last midwife appointment. Hopefully. :) I finally asked if they will do anything different at any future midwife appointments and, nope, they will not. They will continue to check my blood pressure, confirm the baby's heartbeat is there, and measure my belly. ...and these things aren't exciting. I'd rather hear I'm dilated to 2.5 so I can feel as if my uncomfortablness thus far has been worth something... but then again that sometimes makes it worse to think something productive has occured when it really doesn't matter. ...and I know enough to know that 2.5 centimeters means absolutly nothing.

Let's just all agree I'm not going to be happy until the baby is safely out and I am in a relatively pain free state.

I do have another midwife appointment scheduled for August 1st, but I'm really hoping I don't have to suffer until then. The baby is ready to be born - I'm the mommy and I said so... that and my back and legs are killing me! I don't care how amusing it would be to have one more birthday in August. That said I would still bet the baby is born on August 1st. ...for no particular reason at all.

My mom offered little sympathy on the phone today. She wants me to stay pregnant as long as possible so the baby won't be too old when she gets here on September 1st. Hmmmmpp.

Anyways, the midwife I met with was great! I was happy! YAY. She spoke English and answered all my questions with answers that made me happy. She even taught me a few secret tricks to get what I want while in the hospital :) She was so very nice and is now my favorite Danish person; she's just my favorite person of all right now! I wish I'd see her again... : ) But I do know she works this Monday in the Delivery section so that's when I'm planning to have the baby. Sounds like a great plan to me!!!

I'm going to go drink my nightly glass of chocolate milk that my husband has made for me. Then I'll go to bed and pray for painful contractions. :)

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Ingrid said...

Glad to hear you have met a Danish person you like :-) ! We have now spent the weekend in Germany and tomorrow we leave for my parents summer cottage with the family and two friends of Linnea and Malin. I should go packing, but it is so boring to pack all the things from the Germany trip up and then immediately pack for a new travel. But it will be nice when we get there.
It really sounds like you want the baby to come, so I hope she does rather soon. I have never ever felt like that. I thought it was nice to have them in a safe place like they are when you are pregnant :-) .
Hugs from Ingrid


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