Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Beach

I've decided that I like Danish weather*. (* The last two weeks. I won't hold myself to that statement year round.)

The weather has been in the 70s and bright and sunny. Every few days a big rainstorm comes through and it POURS for about 20 minutes. Then it's done and the sun comes back out. It's similar to Portland I think, more so than Georgia, where I remember big summer rain storms... but here it isn't humid. YAY.

So. Here are some pictures of the beach. I verified we didn't get any naked people in our pictures. :) I was suprised how many people were laying around topless... It's just normal here. Age 80 to 8 laying just lounging about. My girls seemed to ignore it or not see it... We just escorted/distracted them to a part of the beach with little kids. We did try to convince Scotty to take off his diaper because it was full of sand anyways... but my modest little boy said no. :)

For my European friends... See, in America we just don't do that. : ) There are designated "nude" beaches, but they are seculded away from others. Other than that I'm pretty sure that "open nudity" is against the law or something. I don't think I'm condemming it all together - if you grow up with it, it's normal and ignored... It's just a culture difference and I really can't judge it.

**AND. Just because I'm okay with this particular culture difference, all prenatal care should be what I'm used to. :)



Ingrid said...

What a nice day at the beach! I wish we could have done the same.... and no, I shouldn't have bothered about some topless people :-) , but not ALL Scandinavian women here are like that. I have never ever been topless at a beach. So don't worry if you hear us planning to come at the same place as you sometimes :-) . Soon, soon, just one more day until we are finished with all the cleaning and packing in this house!!! Bye and hugs, from Ingrid

tara said...

:) Ingrid you make me laugh!! I hope I didn't imply everyone over here goes topless! :) Enjoy the final day of packing... You're almost done!!


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