Monday, July 21, 2008

Girls Frist Day!

The girls had their first day of "Danish Latin American" class today.

They had fun! They want to go back! Score one point for Mommy!

I was really worried they would hate it and they would be completly lost. I would have been scared to go. I'm impressed with them. Of course, I lied to them continounsly and told them how wonderful and fun it was going to be. :) That's my job as a mom, right?

We got there and I met the lady I had emailed back and forth with and so she knew Michaela and Sierra. She was very nice to them and showed them around so that made me feel better leaving them alone in a Danish enviornement.

Anyways, they didn't learn anything but they had fun and were out of the house from 9-3 so everyone is happy... except for Scotty who wasn't used to his big sisters leaving him for the day. He was a little lonely so we visited some parks. :)

The best part is that this place is pretty close; it's just a short bus ride and an easy 5 minute walk so the girls could even do it on their own... maybe. :) AND they may offer fun things year round. I have some translating to do to find out.

So today was good. Oh and I'm still on my "have-a-baby-tonight-plan". I cleaned the entire house and all the laundry is done. Extra dinners have been made and frozen and I someone is even back from vacation to watch the kids if necessary. :) I'm all set!

...and if I don't have the baby tonight I don't want to talk about it. :)

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