Friday, July 18, 2008

Hospital Tour

We had a tour of the Fødeafdeling. Maternity Ward. :)

It was okay I guess. Things looked a little familiar, but they also had some things I wouldn't have been able to guess what they were for! There was about ten other couples there and then all five of us. :) (About half way through we realized that this was all going to be their first baby because - why would you need a tour of the hospital when you've had three kids before?)

Scotty only lasted about 20 minutes and then Daddy had to take him out, but the girls and I stood there for another 30 minutes while someone talked to us in Danish. We didn't understand a thing, but I've always been impressed how much body language, gestures, and tone of voice can help you get the general idea. However, I already know the "general idea" of how this all works. I caught a word or two that I knew and some english words like **EPIDURAL**, but some times it sounded like she wanted me to go to "bilka" and bring "sticks" because I kept hearing "bilka" and "stick". (Bilka is like a Walmart)

So here's a question: When someone makes a joke in a foreign language and you are in a group of people that all laugh, do you laugh too? Or do you just stand there?? I, become thankful I have kids with me, and look at them and smile.

Afterwards I went up to the midwife and said - "I've been staring at you for an hour and I have NO idea what you said." Actually I just just said that I understood a little but I don't speak Danish at all and wanted to ask some questions in English... then I stared at her hoping for an English response. She was nice. She spoke English. I think she knew I was scared. She went through some of the basics with me. She said most of the hospital midwives spoke some English, but she didn't know how well because she speaks Danish to them. :)

The whole - "doctors learn from English text books so they all speak English" idea... I believe this is a rumor that was started to make us English speakers feel better... if not just an outright lie. :)

Today I'm going back to the hospital for a midwife appointment. Good thing I got the appointment letter in the mail yesterday and took it to the hospital so they could read it to me. :)

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Las Vegas Hospital said...

It's difficult being in a different country and understanding what the locals are saying about you. You are correct in figuring out body language, hand gestures and tone go a far way. If they are laughing and you are not sure to laugh with the doctors and the group, just start laughing and if they say anything during the laugh, they are probably laughing at you. Hospitals and other people that say they learn English from books is not the best person to speak to when trying to find something out. Pay some little street hustler kid because they know better english than any doctor. Their english is used to sell people something so they are the most verbal and quite smart. Hopefully you have a great time at your next hospital visit and find a street kid to translate for you.


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