Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What I buy at the store every three days.

I'm sure most people look at me like I'm nuts as I'm loading up my little cart with WAY more milk than anyone else, but I have gotten over the embarrassment of buying this many liters of milk. :)

This is the equivalent of only 3.5 gallons of milk... I squish four or five of these empty things every day.

no. no baby. i love you all - stop asking. :)

...Hi Julie! Don't be too impressed with my energy, we'll see how well I do with FOUR kids. I'm sure they'll be eating store bought Denmark cookies soon enough. I do admit to feeling some jealously when you mentioned your tollhouse cookies. YUM!! If I could buy them I would!! (And for the record I think one kid is harder. You can still taste the childless-carefree days; I've long forgotten them. Plus my older kids can do half of my work for me!)


Julie said...

hehe! Thanks, you are too funny. :)
I'm sure it will be helpful having your older ones with the new baby!
Still, you're doing a great job!

Your Hardworking Daughter, Michaela said...

i have homework to do not your (repeat your) chores


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