Tuesday, July 22, 2008


If I stop writing does it mean I've had the baby and I am too busy? OR I'm bitter and angry at still being uncomfortable and now I'm refusing to talk about it?

Let's just say I'm still uncomfortable - HOWEVER I think I've been having contractions off and on all day... who knows. I'd hate to get my hopes up. : ) Over the past few hours they've been more frequent I'd guess, but not too painful or regular. Scotty and I spent the whole day shopping and walking around town. - No sense in sitting at home wondering...

I just don't remember how this works! I know with Scotty I had a lot of things planned the week he was due: Sierra's birthday, my birthday, opening day of soccer season, etc... The doctor asked if Monday at 2:00 pm worked, I showed up at the hospital, had a nice shot, and had a son around 7:00 pm. :) Sounds like a pretty reasonable plan to me. Oh well. It's night time now so I'd like to postpone it until after 9:00 am tomorrow so I can get the girls to their class. I'm tired too...

...and to answer my first question. I will probably stop writing for a while. :) I'm sorry I'm not as dedicated as I perhaps should be. I'll have my mom leave a comment here - how about that? Going to bed now.


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