Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Moving On...

Moving on from my last little "ugh session"... and I went to an ultrasound today to check on the size of the baby. Baby is fine, 2.4 kilos... that is just the size I make them.

Anyways, I signed the girls up for "Latinamerika i Bornhojde". : ) They will learn about Latin America... I think. I was more excited to have successfully signed them up for something. It will all be in Danish and with Danish kids though so we'll see how it goes. I've convinced them it will be fun. HA HA It will be interesting to see how they cope with Danish all around them. I am hoping it gives them a more accurate view of Danish kids/school rather than the International English private school they go to.

It's a free summer school class down the street and it goes for a week from 9am to 3pm. They will cook latin american food and learn latin american dances. Our neigherbors gave us a brochure with different week long summer activities kids can join for free. I guess we were supposed to sign up in June but we weren't here. It's really no suprise that horseback riding and trampoline camp are all filled up, while "Latinamerika i Bornhojde" has openings still. : ) It should only be mildly traumatic for them. It may come in handy should I have a baby that week... or it could backfire.

I can also try to sign them up for Beach Volleyball in August. It sounds more fun... Swimming will start soon too.

I'm not as grumpy today... will check in again tomorrow.

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Ingrid said...

Well done with the sign ups! Latin America sounds really interesting. Hopefully the girls will like it! It is amazing how many week activities during the summer you could sign up your children to and lots of them are for free!
Thank's for the post card from Canada!! Great interuption during our hard days packing and cleaning. We are tired, but now it is only two days left (but the toughest ones...).
Good luck with the baby and say hallo to the children from Linnea, Malin & Johan!
Hugs, Ingrid


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