Monday, July 14, 2008

Scott and the Potty

This morning I made what I thought was quite a valiant effort to promote pee pees in potty with little Scott.

As soon as he woke up I changed his diaper and just put on his "big boy underwear" without mentioning it to him. (since he says he "no like baby pants" -baby pants being the underwear...) He screamed and cried for a while until I quickly tossed three M&Ms at him saying he could have candy since he had on his big boy underwear. He ate his candy happily and then cried and said his underwear "hurt his bum". He complained for a while and then cried some more when I told him that he couldn't have more candy until we put pee pees in the potty. He played happily for a while and everyone in the house was on strict orders NOT to mention the underwear to him.

He didn't forget about the underwear. He'd whimper every now and then and refused to sit down in them. He even ate his breakfast of egg, toast, and raisins while standing in his chair. I thought we would try being naked... so he ran around naked for a while. BUT that didn't make him happy either.

Soon he was lying on the floor, crying/screaming/whimpering, looking up every now and then to ensure we were all giving him adequate sympathy... and it was at this point he won. :) I told him he could get a diaper. Total non-diaper time = 1.25 hours.

There are only about ten diapers left in the cupboard so I told him they were almost all gone. Maybe he'll do better when he thinks they are gone... I probably won't do much better until they really are gone! BUT he's only three (almost). I don't want potty training to be a traumatic event. Why force it? It will all go much smoother if the key participant isn't opposed to the entire idea. Right?

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