Saturday, June 7, 2008


It's getting warmer and we are getting tan/sunburnt again. : ) Let's see... what have we done so far...

- We went to Sacramento for Pauls' immigration appointment so he could get a stamp in his passport so he can leave the US with a chance of coming back.
- We visted my Grandma and Uncle Bruce and Aunt Ingrid and played with the dogs. We miss Sophie lots, but I'm confident she is one of the happiest dogs on earth now - espcially with her little sidekick Buddy.
- We spent a day at the lakehouse playing on the boat and swimming. Michaela and Happy had a crash on the inner tube but they have since recovered. :) However, my brother Kevin is still feeling the soreness from his crash. :) I, on the other hand, was happy to have the excuse of my big belly to keep me out of the freezing cold water.
- We've continued to shop and I am now need to go shopping for a larger suitcase. :) Yesterday I added cake mix, pancake syrup, baco-bits, kettle corn, and sweetened condensed milk to our pile of things. I've never paid attention to the weight of food before - this stuff is HEAVY!! I'm going to have to start putting things back. My critera is now, "what will make me the happiest for the longest"; Pancake syrup and baco-bits will last for months, but kettle corn is a one-time joy. Sad... but we all have to make sacrafices. :(

My grandparents and Kevin and Jessica (my brother and his wife) are leaving on Monday to head back to Utah.... so this weekend we are having a big party and everyone from Sacramento is headed down here today and then tomorrow we will take up an entire row at church. :)

Between the five cameras we have 1000+ pictures probably so I'll sort through and put some up.

I think I'm off for a walk to Taco Bell for a Bean Burrito with no onions and sour cream. Then maybe I should make some kettle corn. I haven't weighed myself yet.



Ingrid in Denmark said...

Hi again,
Sounds like you have a great time! In Sweden the schools finished for the summer at Friday, but here we are working... The weather is still the same sunny one. It is wonderful!!

hilde said...

HI Tarea,

the nurses strik stopped, so you are free to have your danish daughter!
Hope you have fun in London!


hilde said...

oops i meant Hi tara,
I know how to spell your name..

Ingrid said...

Hi again,
Where are all the new interesting facts about your life over there? :-)
Thanks for your post cards! We have delivered the one to Mr Bettger. Say hallo to the girls from us and to Scotty from Johan.
Have fun in London!
See you! Ingrid


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