Tuesday, May 6, 2008

No Doctors

Yesterday I went for my first doctor's appointment in six months. (...other than the ultrasounds and the appointment where they said, "yep, you are pregnant")

I got there and the office was closed. There were two very long letters written in Danish. I know can read a little... the word for closed is "lukket" and that was written in big red letters next to a word that resembled "strike" but I didn't understand any more of it. I tried to call the number on the letter and I'm sure they told me lots of helpful information... in Danish. So I took pictures of the letters with my phone so I could show someone later and they could read them to me. :) Luckily as I was leaving another big-bellied lady showed up and all she could tell me was that when the strike is done I am supposed to call and schedule an appointment again. I hope they understand this is a fairly time sensitive thing.

All the daycares have been on strike here for about a month and I guess the nurses and doctors joined them just the other week. Sierra's teacher sometimes has to bring her 3 year old into school because she has nowhere else to put him! I don't think it will be over anytime soon - but how would I know...? I'm totally guessing. I can't understand the news or read newspapers... : )

Paul is going to check at work today, but I think we get additional special doctors that we can go to because he is important. I'd like to have someone to deal with this baby at some point. There's only so much I can do on my own!

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