Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cold Hands

Today it was snowing sideways. I left Scotty at bornehaven until 2:00 so Andrea could get a full nap. I thought for sure that he would be warm and snug, playing inside. There's no way they would let kids play outside in this kind of weather....

HA. I picked him up and he was a frozen little Scotty-cicle. He had on his snow coat, his regular coat, and his hat and gloves... In defense of the school the teachers had given the kids the choice to play outside or stay inside. When I picked up Scotty he was one of ten boys who had chosen "outside". They were all covered in mud and sand and were all soggy and cold. :) It was cute though. He appeared to have had fun.

I picked him up and went directly to a sports store where I spent $20.00 on a pair of gloves for him. Crazy... $20.00!! There were $80.00 gloves there too... for a four year old! How dumb is that?!! What parent buys their four year old an $80.00 pair of gloves? A dumb parent... that's who! I'm not too impressed with my $20 purchase... but his hands were SO cold in his $1.00 gloves. :)

I'm 3 for 3! Three days, Three flower deliveries.... I feel so loved. Paul's boss sent some flowers today. :)

I even got my own batch of the world famous, and highly coveted, tiramisu! Yum.

What I ate today: Yogurt, Cream Cheese Pie, Tiramisu, Risotto, Scrambled Eggs, Mashed Potatoes... a little better than yesterday.

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Monica said...

OMG, I know...I have bought multiple pairs of those freakin' expensive gloves and of course only have a drawerful of singles, and a bonus pair that doesn't belong to any of our kids...go figure?!


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