Thursday, November 19, 2009


I discovered yesterday that I couldn't whistle with the wire on my front teeth.

But I can whistle now!!! This morning the dentist took off the wire and glue and I look normal again. The chipped tooth isn't too bad, you can't really tell. I will go back in a month for another visit to decide if I want to do anything else with my teeth. My teeth still need some healing time. I can't use them to bite or anything and they still feel "weird", but I'm happy for now. My husband is taking me on a date tomorrow night to celebrate. :)

So this whole thing cost me 2000 kroner ($500). Not bad in my opinion. The only bill I ever got was for the first emergency visit on Halloween, and the most expensive part of that fee was the $300 "after hours" fee. It was only $200 to do the actual work... x-rays, numbing medicine, little piece of ghetto wire...

Both of my two appointments afterwards were free and one even included an x-ray. I don't know if she was just being nice or if this is common, but I always thought dental work here was crazy expensive. I probably would have paid close $500 in the States even if I had dental insurance.

WHOA. Did I just say something nice about Denmark? :) I told you guys, I don't really hate it here..


Ingrid said...

I'm so glad to hear that the dentist appointment was good! Look forward to see you in school.

Pete said...

Even better, 2000 kroner is actually only 400 USD (divide by 5).

Some of the dental bill is actually covered by the free healt care so you don't pay the full amount when you go to the dentist. The % of the bill covered by the free health care depends on the type of dental work done

Some Danes travel to Sweden, Germany or even Poland if they have to get some major dental work done, because it's cheaper there. There's even Danish speaking dentists across the borders in Germany and Sweden. Poland is even cheaper and some Danish travel agencies specialize in guided bus tours to Poland for dental work, plastic surgery and eye surgery not covered by the free health care.
Their slogan is "Dentist, wellnes and vacation trips".
So they combine dentist visists with vacation in Poland.

But your dentists bill will probably have to be bigger than 2000 kr. before you can save anything by going to Poland.
But of course if you combine it with a vacation you would have paid for the vacation anyway.

Mads and Kelli said...

forget how much it cost...the important thing is that you can whistle!!!!!! :o)

Glad this ordeal is just about over for you!!

Tara said...

Hi Pete, It really was $500. I don't convert very well to big kroner numbers. 2620 dkk was the total bill. :) I think the Dental tours to Poland are hilarious, too bad we already took our vacation there earlier this year! My polish friends do go back home for all their dentist work though.

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