Monday, November 16, 2009

Escaping American

I have a friend. She is leaving me because she would rather live in American than here in Denmark. I can't believe it!!! I'm still deciding if she should be my friend still since she is deserting me... but I guess since she gave me her crock pot I'll still love her!

Anyways... She is selling ALL her things. Here is the amusing part... They are NOT taking anything back other than what they carry on the plane!! :) So she really is selling ALL her things! :) If you think she may have something you want to buy, email her and she can send you a picture or work out a time to walk through her house with a shopping bag.

Her name is Erin, give her a call: 3030-4137... or send me an email,, and I'll give you hers.

She has tons of things but the following are things I know of. I'll tell her to leave a comment with anything else I forgot.

- big new L shaped couch
- sony TV 32 inch, not flat screen (1000 kr)
- 4 standing tall lamps. 4 small ones
- indoor trampoline
- coffee table, kitchen table from IDE mobler (wooden)
- trek mens bike
- plates, cups, kitchen things
- hanging lamp a big one from IKEA
- large white dresser and a black dresser (drawers for clothes thing)
- floor rug
- i pod dock
- two twin beds
- coat hangers
- craft things - paint
- cool baby toys from target. :)
- kids clothes (girl-6, boy 4, boy 1)
- kids toys
- baby crib and toddler bed
- car seat
- child gates for stairs
- kitchen things
- coffee machine
- Anything from the kitchen - plates, glasses, forks, toothpick holders... :)
- things you plug in. :)
- anything that they can't fit into a suitcase and take on the plane. :) A family of five has a lot of things. :)

...and she has a spa that needs cleaned. YOU haul. :)

This is only funny because it's not me trying to sell everything I own.


Garkbit said...

Did you post her email address?

Tara said...

Oops, I didn't... I just put her phone number in. tak!

Khawaga said...

Tara, I'd understood that you lot were leaving too quite soon. This makes me hope that you're not. Is that a good hope? Lucy

Angel said...

Does she live in Jutland? If so I am sadly afraid it would cost too much to get stuff from her to me here in Sealand :( And lucky you with a crock pot!!

Tara said...

She is in Viby... near Aarhus.

AND I ate the best roastbeef I've had in two years thanks to that prized crock pot!


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