Sunday, October 24, 2010

Michaela is TWELVE!

(A little break from vacation updates to go back to October 10th when Michaela turned 12.)

Michaela requested a chocolate cake... There is no way I could have gotten away with a regular ole' rectangle chocolate cake. I also decided she needed sparklers on her Cake/Chocolate Mountain. :)

The sparklers took a good few minutes to go out so they all sang Happy Birthday to Michaela about ten times.


I am old.

At 4:00am I felt like my father as I opened the door to where these girls were supposed to be sleeping. 4:00 AM!!

Really?? Apparently sometime within the last year 4:00am became the new slumber party standard. OH.

I had stayed up until midnight with the plan to turn out the lights and have them drift off to sleep with minimal problems, but at 2:00am I found this in the bathroom...

...along with alot of giggling and a request for more chips. "Sorry, no more chips, you delicate little princesses have already eaten everything in the house." How about GOING TO BED?

Nope... Again at 4:00am I woke up and used my ANGRY voice to explain that in two hours I was going to have to wake up with Andrea and Scotty in a couple hours and I needed to sleep... and they needed to just SHUSH! At this point I could have cared less if they slept or not, JUST BE QUIET!!!

I didn't hear from them again and when those sleeping beauties arose at 9:00am I had pancakes waiting. Hope a certain 12 year old appreciates me!

AND... One of Michaela's gifts was to have her ears pierced. Her and I took the train into town and found a nice jewelry store. She was feeling quite brave before her first ear received a hole, but after the first hole she was less than happy. Nothing traumatic, but you can tell that Michaela was slightly irritated that hole number two was coming.

In the end my little 12 year old has her ears pierced... Now that I that I think about it I think I got my ears pierced when I was 12. :)

Thanks Auntie Sandra who brought it up as a potential gift from her, but the different countries, languages, currencies, made it a little difficult. It helped me go through with it though. Michaela had been asking for a while. I'm moderately opposed to anything which makes my girls older. :)

Have fun being 12 KE. I wouldn't trade you for any other 12 year old out there. I'm glad you are you, just remember who you are!


Nana said...

The girls couldn't sleep after all of that chocolate!:) I also think that your dad usually slept through most of the slumber parties and it was me who heard everything. Looks like they all had a great time and they will always remember it.

Julie said...

Sounds like a fun slumber party, and I love the cake!!

franziengland said...

Don't say you made that cake yourself?????!!! Where did you get the sparklers? US or Germany?
SO, a slumber party is the same as a sleepover party?
It looks like a gang of great girls in a good spirit. Nice to see Michaela with so many friends around! She is a lucky girl! Can't believe they stayed up that late! But even my L who normally fall asleep first of all, were to a sleepover last Friday and they also went to bed at 4AM... some magical time for sleepovers maybe...
Brave girl having her ears pierced!

Michaela said...

In my opinion I think Mom saw the sparklers and thought they might be candles so she bought them and pretended that she knew what they were. :)


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