Sunday, October 3, 2010

Two less teeth...

Michaela is getting braces. :)

...and as part of that she has to have four of her baby teeth removed. :(


3 down, 1 to go.

Michaela is seriously awesome though. If it was me I'd would have never survived. Really, I would have passed out. I couldn't even handle the dentist telling me what she had done... and she wasn't being graphic or gross. She just said the one tooth had strong roots and that a root broke off and was still in her mouth, but that it should just fall out later. She said the other tooth was easier and she could see the new tooth already. UGH! Even that was more than I could handle. I was lightheaded and suddenly very focused on leaving as quickly as possible... that and Michaela was looking less than happy so I wanted to get her home.

This also happened to me in California when a dentist was telling me about Michaela's mouth being too small and his idea of removing teeth so they could all fit. I had to leave and sit down outside.

I guess I'm just a giant sissy, but let's all remember who gave birth with ZERO drugs. ... that TOTALLY rules out being a sissy.

I'm just a sensitive mommy. :) ...I don't like teeth things.

SO. Michaela has two less teeth than she did last week. One more tooth to be removed and then when her mouth heals up a bit they will put braces on. Cute huh? :) She isn't distraught over it, it's the time of life kids have braces... no big deal.

Here is an interesting tid-bit about Michaela's mouth.
- She has one baby tooth that doesn't have an adult tooth coming in behind it. She will keep the baby tooth forever... or as long as it stays. :)

Nobody is sure what happened to the adult tooth... and I'm not quite sure why nobody has ever mentioned it before. I think I will now ask for her old dentist to send me some x-rays... ?

I never knew that my kids teeth would require so much effort, time, or money! :)

Two teeth. One normal baby tooth. One long root baby tooth.

When the dentist mentioned "roots" I was picturing long stringy things everywhere, like what a plant has (maybe that's why I was grossed out).

It wasn't until I had the courage to look in the cup to see her "souvenirs" that I realized what teeth roots were. Now I know why tooth cartoons in dentist books have those long things coming down from the typical baby tooth we see that falls out. I never thought about why that was because I never imagined this is what a tooth looked like inside your mouth. I guess the roots get smaller when the baby tooth grows up? Maybe the baby tooth "feeds" off the roots so they disappear when it's time to get wiggly and fall out.

If I didn't find this whole thing so icky I'd maybe google it, but just looking on line for how Michaela should keep her tooth holes clean made me light headed. All done talking/typing about it.


PiNG aka Patti said...

I was going fine until the picture - that made me want to go sit down somewhere!

Nana said...

What a trooper Michaela! Just think of the beautiful teeth you will have when this is all over. Hang in there! Love you. Nana

Me said...

And my gums still hurt. I <3 drugs! :)


franziengland said...

Ohh, I have never seen a tooth with that long roots! You are tough Michaela!! But I agree, having braces itself today isn't a big thing. I even think both Malin and Linnéa have asked for it :) , just for no reason at all.... Crazy kids.
How are the guitar lessons going?

C and H Romenesko said...

Yikes! I agree with Patti...I was fine, until I saw that picture.

Way to be a trooper, Michaela!

Tara said...

Can you imagine having that giant thing ripped out of your mouth? Poor Kid. She's still inhaling ibuprofens. :(

Hey Ingrid, maybe our kids can make a band when they meet up next! :)

Anonymous said...

Argh - the tooth picture!

I also have to lie down now.

Z x


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