Thursday, October 28, 2010

End of Switzerland Report

While in Switzerland Paul decided to look up the "most fun roads to drive". I'm not sure what qualifies as a "fun" road to drive on. But we managed to find one of these "fun" roads and drive it... twice. :) Paul was Happy to drive his pretty car on the pretty road.

Our drive took us to the top of the Alps somewhere... and there seemed to be an army base of some sort nearby because most of the other cars on the road were actually tanks... and most of the other people we saw had green faces and were carrying large guns of some sort.

At one point we saw a sign that we thought said "waterfall", but it lead us to a Switzerland speaking Army person who told us to turn around... No problem. Right away. Please pretend we were never here.

This is Scotty eating a cup full of Swiss Snow with a Celery Spoon...
Just so you know; Swiss snow tastes better than Germany, Denmark, or American snow... Scotty would know. He's eaten snow from many countries. :)

While in Switzerland we also spend a rainy day at the Transportation Museum which is really quite a cool place. There were four sections: Train, Car, Boat, Plane. We never even made it into the Boat or Plane because the Train and Car ones were so huge and fun.

Think of the best museum that you have ever been to and this one was better than that. And it wasn't crazy crowded either...

That's all I feel like writing about Switzerland because I want to hurry up and write about Halloween because it was super fun. :) Way more fun than last Halloween which ended with me and a metal wire glued to my front four teeth.

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franziengland said...

Great photos!! I love Scotty in front of ALL those traffic signs. Fun with a museum that sounds so... boring... but is that fun! Did all the children like it?
Look forward to hear about your Halloween! I am VERY happy it was better than last year.


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