Sunday, October 24, 2010

Vacation Report: Switzerland Hotel

Our hotel in Switzerland was called the Seehotel Baumgarten.

I think it was this couples house and they raised their family in it. Very cute. It was right on a lake and we had an incredible view of the lake and mountain from our window.
Pretty huh?

My mom would have never made it to this hotel because the drive there was INSANE. This is what the last 3km was like...

We had a few inches, if that, on each side of the car. I was voting for scraping against the mountain side opposed to falling off into the lake. AND... it gets better. This is a TWO-WAY road! :) Yep, so what do you do when another car shows up... which happened a few times nearly every trip. Someone has to go BACKWARDS!!!! Oh. So. Crazy.

All that said, we didn't crash and after the third or fourth trip down the road it wasn't as traumatic as the first time. The drive kinda added to the fun of the hotel.

I think we were the only ones staying at this hotel because I didn't really see anyone else, but that made it fun because we were able to make friends with the woman who ran it. She even did a load of laundry for me just to be nice! I think I impressed her with my German. :)

...although whatever language was in Switzerland wasn't really German. It kinda was, but not really... It was different enough to totally confuse me and my remedial German skills. I just stared at the dinner menu and was happy when Happy ordered for the Chateaubriand for both of us.

Then we learned Chateaubriand was a big deal. The waiter started setting up a big table with candles and hot plates... then the chef comes out and prepares it all in front of us. Little did we know that this meal involved TWO complete dinners. When we were finished with the first plate they brought a new one... exactly the same... just as big. Good thing the girls liked it too because they were able to help.

So now we know all about Chateaubriand. That's how un-cultured we are.... or, were. :) It was really yummy though so after dinner we were already making plans to eat the same thing the next day... and the girls had it too.

So that was our hotel. Next to Lucern... in the middle of the Swiss Alps. Cool... :)

...and the hotel had a playground near the lake so Michaela and Sierra waded in to get a special rock for Scotty and handfuls of rocks for Andrea to then throw back in. Water was FREEZING.


Kelli Nørgaard said...

What a fabulous experience!! I hope to get to Switzerland someday!

And I have to say...OMG Scotty is growing like a weed!!!! The air in Germany must be really good!! :-)

franziengland said...

From snow to (almost)summer, in a few days. I love the Alp area!
It is amazingly beautiful up there and off season must be great experience. The road seem to be VERY scary, but at least you weren't high above the mountain, or were you that too?
I laughed so much when reading about the Chateaubriand! For sure you didn't have to go to bed hungry :) . You picked the right place to have that meal I think.
I am sure your German would impress anywhere ;).


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