Monday, November 1, 2010


This Halloween was much better than last halloween

...and way back in 2008, I hated Europe because I didn't get a Halloween at all.

This year was finally the perfect Europe Halloween. ...for me anyways, some of my friends had some of my 2008 experiences... That said, 2008 was my first Halloween away from home... sometimes the first holidays away are just miserable and you have to just learn how to make them better... or just lower your standards. :) I think it takes about two years for you to forget what it is supposed to be like.

Anyways... My teeth weren't smashed in this Halloween so it was AWESOME! WHOO HOO.

Who did what:
Michaela went to a party at the school with all the 7th graders. Then groups of kids went out trick or treating. She had fun and dressed up like a Dracula-lett. (Girl Dracula with a cape, black skirt, black leggings, and a white icky face that scared Andrea)

Sierra went to a class party at a friends house and then they went out trick or treating. With the exception of the scary haunted house, she too had fun and dressed up like a "Halloween Freak". It was a matching outfit that her and her friends wore together. She put the entire outfit together herself so I can't complain.

Scotty had a Halloween/Birthday party and then another Halloween party. Afterwards we took him and Andrea trick or treating. I'll have to write about his second Halloween party later because it reminded me we are hanging out with Germany's privileged... :) WOW.


My new favorite colors are blue and pink. :)

For some reason Scotty was insisting on being a blue crayon. I guess it was my fault though... I was showing him pictures online of things he could be and I promoted the crayon when I saw a kid with a T-shirt on and the word "crayola" written on it... how easy would that be!

Easy, but when it came down to it, it just wasn't good enough for my little brown eyed boy!!!

...and if my little boy was going to be a blue crayon it made perfect sense for my little girl to be a pink crayon. Twas' the night before Halloween and Mommy stayed up waaaaayyy too late making crayon costumes...

These costumes were actually easy to make. They required minimal sewing and quite a bit of glue. :) Daddy made the hats. :)

Cute huh? This was the first real costume that Scotty has been willing to put on and keep on.

Andrea hated her costume at first ...but then she realized she got candy when she put it on and then she liked it. See the bag of candy in her little monstery paw? :)


The big girls went to their parties and Paul and I took the little kids trick or treating. Our first stop was the house across the street. Trick or treating in our neighborhood is difficult of course because you have to be buzzed into the gates at the end of the driveways. :) So we decided to head to the apartments where many international people live and the doors are three feet from each other. It is a well-lit, dead-end street... our new trick or treating spot.

Scotty loved it and Andrea quickly figured out the drill. Scotty pushes the button, someone opens the door, Scotty and Mommy yell trick-or-treat, and a bowl of candy appears. Score!

However, sometimes a bowl of candy doesn't appear. Sometimes the German people just stare at you and wonder what the heck you are doing there. We had some awkward moments when we were confused for a minute and didn't know what to do other than to repeat "trick-or-treat??", "trick-or-treat bitte?", but in the end the kids always got candy and hence I was happy.


We also carved pumpkins. :) The lady who lives downstairs really liked them. I don't think she had ever done it before so she was happy to see them glowing with a candle inside and she took several pictures. That made me happy. I think we'll invite her to our Thursday Thanksgiving so she can eat some sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top... that would really surprise her. :)

Little note for me for next year. Buy pumpkins early... because on October 28th they ALL disappear! Everyone pumpkin in town... GONE. Even the green ones, even the moldy ones... I was lucky to find a few the day before Halloweenand pay WAY too much for them. It's all about lowering your standards... no more roaming through fields looking for the roundest, smoothest, prettiest pumpkin. Kinda orange and has a stem that isn't too soggy. I'll take it!!


Nana said...

Sounds and looks like everyone had a great time! I am really impressed with your crayon cute! Glad to see you finally got some use out of that pink bag.

franziengland said...

First. I adore the photo of Andrea on the top your blog! Her feet are SO cute! Miss my baby children when seeing that...
Lower your standard seem to be the answer to lots of problems when going abroad and hopefully the upside is that when you go home you will appreciate EVERYTHING twice as much as you did before.
I can't believe you did the crayon creations yourself? Is it true? What material did you use for them?? I have noticed I never ever get an answer to any questions I ask here.... I think I need to send all questions by e-mail instead.
Do you really mean Germans don't know about Halloween? Does some German children go "Slik eller ballade" (can you remember they say that in DK?)?
I am sure your landlord is superhappy to have you around, so now she is a "happy" too :) .

Tara said...

Dear Ingrid. :)

Yes, I made the crayons. I'm a talented little girl huh? :) They were really easy and really only involved simple sewing and lots of gluing and cutting.

I used felt for them. :)

Yes, I answer emails much better... :)

More Germans knew about Halloween than Danes. I think we caught some by surprise.

I think there was a German thing to say instead of trick or treat but being obnoxious Americans we didn't bother to learn it before heading out.

I think we'll invite our landlord for Turkey next week.

See you soon! Email me your itinerary so I can pick you up at the airport.

Tara said...

...and Ingrid. Did you get my answers? Do you get an email if I answer you back?


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