Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Markets

The day after Thanksgiving is supposed to be filled with non stop shopping. Not so much here since the day after our Thanksgiving was Sunday and all the stores were closed. :)

The Christmas Markets were open though, so while trying to keep with tradition, we girls went out shopping: Andrea, Sierra, Michaela, and Mommy. :) We all braved the below freezing temperatures and insane crowds. We are awesome. Someone should give us candy.

The boys stayed home. Paul had some work to catch up on in order to fund our outing and Scotty stayed behind because he needed a day of rest. :)

Downtown Hamburg doesn't have just one Christmas market... I think it has a zillion. There are little clusters of markets everywhere and some of them are bigger than others. We visited the "three" big markets... and bought a few gifts, but mostly we ate. :) Warm crepes, and these things...

Profetjes... something like that. KP made me some one day at her house in a special little Dutch pan. YUMMY, but I think from Holland.

The girls wanted a blue boot full of hot chocolate and I said no, but when we got lost and twenty minutes later circled around the same booth I gave in. We are now the proud owners of two ugly blue boots... which you can return for your deposit, but many people keep and "buy" them.



Pete said...

Those "profetjes" looks just like traditional Danish "Æbleskiver".
Everyone in Denmark eat them in during the winter, epscially before Christmas. Often served with Glögg.Æbleskiver

Pete said...

It's spelled "poffertjes"

C and H Romenesko said...

You look cold. Where's your hat, mittens and scarf....hmmmmmmm? I'm not feeling the love!

I see "Pete" is back to commenting on your blog. Should I provide him with an edited version of his incorrect use of English language and spelling....if he can correct your spelling, I can surely correct his!

Tara said...

First. I'm impressed I got so close with my profetjes spelling since I was doing it based off my memory of what the sign looked like. I just pointed and said, "Bitte". :) They were better than an aebleskiver, but kinda the same... maybe an aebleskiver would be comparable if it was warm and given to me while I was freezing. :) I do miss the ableskivers though. :)

AND HOLLY... down girl. :)
If you would please ZOOOOOM into my picture you could see that I AM wearing both the scarf AND the mittens. Andrea kept yanking the hat off my head. :)

C and H Romenesko said...

hehe Tara!


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