Sunday, November 14, 2010


I don't know how it got brought up but while hanging out with my family after Grandma's party we started talking about buttermilk.

Buttermilk is yucky. I can't remember the last time I ever even tried it. I've only bought it for cooking... and even then, like twice.

This is Buttermilk with Lemon Pepper.

I'm totally serious.

Yep, lemon pepper like what you would sprinkle on fish. APPARENTLY... you also sprinkle lemon pepper on top of buttermilk and drink it. Eww.

But I tried it. Grandma and her sister like it so it must be safe.

It wasn't that bad.

I don't know that I'll ever drink it again, but it wasn't as gross as one would imagine. It actually tasted just like a baked potato. I think that's an indication that I pile way too much sour cream and salt and pepper on my baked potatoes though.

I will put lemon pepper on my next baked potato though and see how it goes. :)


franziengland said...

Interesting! You know I love reading about food :) .
So, why do they drink buttermilk? Just because it tastes good or do they think it is healthy in a certain way? (I want an answer! Otherwise I will send all my blogquestions on e-mail ;) .)
Buttermilk is very rare in Sweden, but at my work for a while we used it as an ingredient for sallad dressing. It is very creamy and smooth and the dressings were actually really yummie, BUT the consumers didn't understand, so we had to stop selling them after a while, ha ha.

Tara said...

Guess what I bought today? Buttermilk! :) It's common here and I think I saw it lots in Denmark, although it was called something different.

Nope, they were not drinking it for health. :) I think I even heard the comment that, "it clogs your arteries as you drink it" :)

I bought it to make corn bread. Which, if it works, we'll make some while you are here. I don't think you would have made it before... but maybe? Have you? Sometimes you use corn but usually just corn meal, which we import. :) But I'm going to try with the German version of corn meal (not corn flour). I'll report back on it.

I made tiramisu today though. A big one. Just because. :) YUM.

franziengland said...

Thanks for the reply :) ! I always come back to the comments if I asked a question to see if you answered me.
Nope, I have not made corn bread and I don't know the difference between meal and flour. Exciting!
Would love some of your Tiramisu now... Haven't done any in GB.


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