Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Puddle Park

Scotty's class went to the park today for a field trip. Being the super class mom that I am, I signed up other parents to go. :)

I did help too... I went for the first part of the day which was the wettest. It was pouring rain on the way there and continued to rain the whole time I was there. When Andrea got to the car we took her boots and socks off and they were soggy. I could ring them out. Apparently her snow boots are not as waterproof as they claim. ...or maybe they weren't designed to spend a full hour jumping in the biggest puddles that a two year old can find. Time for some rubber boots I guess. :)

I was happy to get to use Andrea's new rain coat though. :) It's really cute and I didn't think I'd ever use it. Paul bought it. :)

Until moving to Europe I never understood why people even had raincoats. If it was raining you aren't supposed to go outside. If it's raining you stay inside where you will be dry and warm. Duh. But if they canceled everything because of rain then nothing would happen here. It's just water I guess...


franziengland said...

Oh, poor you. This seem to be a typical fall outing :) . I thing you'd better buy wellies for at least the two youngest, since this wont be over in a while. Sorry to say. We bought green ones for Johan yesterday. The TWO white ones in the same size that I bought for the girls the year we moved to Århus (at Magasin since it was our first week there and I didn't know that was the most exklusive store in town), it too girlish.
Time to change the fact about you to the right in the blog? Hugs.

Anonymous said...

I'd like a raincoat like that! In fact, with the weather we are having, i want the rain coat, the galoshes and a rain hat like Paddington bear :)

Z :)


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