Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thursday Thanksgiving

Just another normal day here in Germany... kids went to school and husband went to work. Making Thanksgiving Dinner for Scotty's class saved the holiday though.

Even though we planned to celebrate Thanksgiving with other Americans on Saturday it's just not the same. You always feel like your missing out on the actual holiday day. (I can say "always" now because I've spent enough holidays away to be an expert on the matter.)

Since I am an expert on the matter I did something to make sure I was amused on Thanksgiving Thursday. I offered to make Thanksgiving Dinner for the class. :) ...a simple version of course. :)

So on Thanksgiving I made turkey, mashed potatoes, corn and pumpkin pie. (Shelly made the crust because I hate making crust.) :) We took it into Scotty's class and fed it kids who, for the most part had never had "Thanksgiving". It took a bit of convincing to get the kids to try a bite of pumpkin pie. Who wants to eat a pumpkin pie? I should have just called it "PIE" and I probably would have done better. Actually, most kids did try it, but I had a few refuse. My own son didn't even like the pumpkin pie, but he's half Canadian... so it's explainable.

Here is Shelly reading books and explaining what a pilgrim is and why it's okay to put marshmallows on a dinner food.

Afterward lunch the kids went out to play and Shelly and I finished off ALL of the pumpkin pie. :) The kids returned and we made paper turkeys out of their feet and hands and that made me happy too.

Shelly also made this cute turkey and asked all the kids what they were "thankful" for.

Scotty's answer? "My mom because she always lets me play wii."

Andrea did great the whole day... just hanging out with the big kids. :)


franziengland said...

WOW, TARA, you are amazing!!! What other children have a mum like yours???
Great idea! The teacher and the children must have loved to experience a real Thanksgiving. How many students are American in your school? In ours I think it is 50%.
We had Holiday treat at our school at Thanksgiving and the American group served a complete Thanksgiving dinner with pumpkin pie :) .

Anonymous said...

Tara IS the best mommy ever!! And also the bestest Best Freind EVER and Frankie and I miss her so very much!!


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