Monday, November 15, 2010

Not soccer or T-ball...

It's field hockey!!

You are supposed to play outside on a field... (I think), but it's cold outside right now. You get a stick and hit a ball into the other teams goal (I think).

I have no idea of the rules. I have no idea of the strategy behind it. I know absolutely nothing about field hockey, but now I love it now because Scotty started playing... like every good European kid does.

I will now buy him his own stick and cute little stick backpack to carry it.

On Thursdays Scott is given a stick and a nice German man tries with his best English to teach the international kids to "make hockey".

Cute huh?

While on the "mom sidelines" watching the kids play I would cheer Scotty on... as well as some of the other kids that I knew names of. "Go Scotty", "Good Job Scotty", "You are awesome Scotty", "Almost Scotty"... know, typical mom comments.

Then at the end they played a little scrimmage game. Then I, along with the other American moms, cheered our kids on... The Germans sat silent.

It was good the German moms were our friends though and they told us that Germans don't cheer. AND if they DO cheer it's only the men who do it. Hmmm... We kept cheering of course. I wonder if the German kids, who we also encouraged, thought we were weird...?

Boring, I know ...but true. I was at a shopping mall a while ago and a woman had won a contest. She got run through a super expensive kitchen type store and grab whatever she wanted. HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE!!! She's running and grabbing Kitchen Maid mixers and designer pots and tons of things... and it's SILENT. There was even a TV camera filming the whole silent event. RUN! YAY!!! GOOD JOB!!! I mean, come on!, she is winning thousands of dollars! It's exciting!!

So the kids and I cheered... and people stared...

Blah Europeans.

PS. Leda, you cheered the loudest. :)


franziengland said...

Cheer on! Sounds fun :) !
To me it looks like floorball/indoor hockey, a very popular sport in Sweden, but it is played indoor, so I am probably wrong.
Well done Scotty! I cheer from here too!

Nana said...

Remember Kevin & Michael buying those sticks in New Zealand or Australia? GO SCOTTY!

C and H Romenesko said...

Blah Europeans! Everyone needs to feel important, so cheer, cheer, cheer as loud as you can!

Anonymous said...


Z :)


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