Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sneaky Me

I took a quick trip to California. :)

I didn't tell anyone. It was a surprise. :)

Hee Hee....

My mom, along with the rest of the family, had been planning a big surprise birthday for my grandma's 80th birthday. I decided to crash it. :)

The only person I told was my friend Trini who picked me up at the airport and gave me her car so I could drive to the party... passing by Target first of course. Thanks Trini, you are my bestest American friend! Frankie too. :) If Frankie read my blog he could be one of my bestest friends too, but Frankie, thanks for offering Trini your corvette, you must love her and me!


I showed up to the party late so I didn't dampen the BIG surprise that everyone had worked so hard to keep. I didn't have a planned entrance... I just walked in unnoticed, quickly found my grandma, told her sorry I was late, and gave her a big hug! :) Then my mom, who was walking over, saw me and she yelled out. After that I'm a little fuzzy with the details, but there were tears all around. :)

After the party, the family went to dinner and we just talked and visited with each other. I started to fade around 9pm so I invited myself to my Uncle Bruce and Aunt Ingrids' house. :) They, of course, took me in and even made me waffles the next morning. :) I love that I showed up out of no where and I had half a dozen places to sleep. ...made me feel good.

The party was great. My grandma was happy. She even had her best friend drive down from Oregon and that made me happy because I finally got to meet her friend... and I like her lots too. My family did very well with their surprise. What a lot of work!! I had the easy part of just sitting on a couple airplanes... without kids too! So it was even kind of fun for me. :)

It wasn't all fun though. It was pretty rough without my kids. I was actually surprised how hard it really was. The morning I left, Sierra had some tears. Scotty was drawing pictures of himself sad as well as taking pictures of himself sad with my phone. Then the Boy told me he wanted to hug me forever... Michaela might have cared, but she's good at not showing it. :) I told her to please take care of the little ones since she was the only one willing to talk to me as I left.

Paul drove me down the road to the train station and I cried. I cried on the train. I cried on the plane. I missed them and felt so bad for leaving them. Of course, I was just being a mommy. I knew they would be fine or else I wouldn't have gone.

I was really only worried about Andrea, only because I have never left her before and we couldn't explain to her that I would be back in a few days. :( She was fine though, so apparently unaffected that it almost hurt my feelings. :) Andrea had our family and I'm sure that made all the difference.

Even when I came home... I was expecting a grand entrance with hugs and kisses and clapping. Nope, I walked in, she looked up from her computer for a minute and went right back to it!! She didn't even get clingy as the day went on. Guess that means everyone took good care of her. Even Scotty wasn't all that excited to see me. :) Next time I'll just leave longer I guess. :)

As for Paul... :) He survived too ...with the help of my mom friends from school. Thanks Shelly! I probably left at the worst time for him as far as his work goes, but he managed. :)

One day for my Trini, one day for my grandma, one day for my mom... I'd so do that again!

Happy Birthday Grandma! I love you lots!


Anonymous said...

great that you did this trip. Sometimes a mum needs to have some "me"time... I will have mine in the middle of December ;-)


franziengland said...

What a superduper great surprise!!! I can't believe you did that long trip! Well actually I can :) ! It is worth it all. Family will always be family. And nothing bets a good surprise, but this was an extra good one. I totally understand they were shocked, overwhelmed and happy at the same time seeing you there all of a sudden.
Great that you have such nice friends in Hamburg that can help you out in a situation like this! I totally understand you missed the children, but it makes me feel like a bad mum... I really don't miss my children that much when I am away for a few days. All other moms do, except me. Is that really strange... I just love to enjoy myself for some days, but I promise, I do love them! :)
I missed you here at the blog during the last days, but I didn't even think that you might have went to US! Welle done! Hugs!

Kelli Nørgaard said...

Even though it was "for" your grandma, you deserved this as well!! :-) As many trips as you have made with your 4 in tow, you needed one just on your own. So glad Paul did this for you! :-)


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